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Approval Process Of FDA For Approving Diet Pills


Phen375 has become one of the most popular of the weight loss pills on the market due to its high efficiency. The Phen group of weight loss pills FDAcontaining Phentermine drug was introduced in the market in the late 1960’s and since then it is being used as a prescription drug for reducing body weight. The Food and Drugs Agency in the United States, FDA is the premier Government Organization entrusted with the task of testing and approving drugs and medical related processes before they can be marketed in the United States of America.

Phen375 is used as an appetite suppressor in case of grossly overweight persons who were not able to get weight loss results even after using various other weight loss methods. This is given as a short term drug and is found to give good results even within the short time it is taken as a weight loss aid. The FDA uses detailed and very specific testing standards and follows a systematic approval process for giving its approval for being used as an approved drug.

The manufacturing company of the Phen375 underwent a long Research and Development process in finding the right type of ingredients that have the necessary appetite suppressing properties and arrived at the right formulation for the drug. After this there were a lot of preliminary tests in the laboratory to identify its effectiveness and its ability to give the necessary results on a consistent basis. Then came the animal tests during which selected animals were administered with the drug and the results were tabulated against the desired criteria.

Following this FDA used its own procedures and made use of its scientific and testing resources to verify the test results given by the manufacturer and went on to standardize the  testing results against desired properties of the intended drug. While doing so FDA took into consideration the following for approving the manufacturing process and the manufacturing facility of Phen375 including

  • The results of the tests conducted by the manufacturer
  • The manufacturing information of the drug
  • The facilities available with the manufacturer to show that it can manufacture the drug with consistent quality and purity
  • The label for the drug as provided by the Company
  • The intended uses of the Drug
  • Possible risks associated with the use of the Drug
  • Any other unknown facts that may affect the health of the user of the Drug

Thus Phen375 is being manufactured at a FDA approved facility that ensures standardized results and the uniform quality of the diet pill. It as a safe drug for human use and it can be used as a weight loss drug. As it is known to have some side effects and its likelihood of becoming addictive it has  to be taken  under the supervision of a Healthcare professional after due evaluation of the health condition of the person and the need to take it for reducing the  body weight.