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Know How Much Caffeine Is In Phentermine? And How to Prevent Unwanted Side Effects


Phentermine is a very popular weight loss method and by taking this diet pill many thousands of people all over the World are achieving excellent weight loss results. This is a very effective appetite suppressant that acts on your body in multiple ways and reduces the craving for food and helps you eat less. It gives lot of benefits including an increased ability to burn more fat by your body and giving enough energy to run through the day even after taking less food. Phentermine belongs to the Psycho stimulant family of drugs that is well proved as to its effectiveness in reducing weight in a natural way with very few side effects.

PhentermineWhile taking Phentermine those who are using it are concerned about the interaction that exists between the use of caffeine and Phentermine together. Though there is no direct evidence to point out the adverse effects that can be brought about by combining the two together it is almost established now that if you take coffee with Phentermine there are more chances of getting particular types of side effects.

If you spend some time and learn how caffeine interacts with Phentermine you can easily find out the ways of how you can use both of them safely without getting the bad side effects. The best source to get more reliable information about this vital aspect of your weight loss through Phentermine is to consult your Doctor and get his advice in this regard. Phentermine is one of the best ways of weight loss and this belongs to the category of temporary weight loss aid.

This must be combined with the  a low- calorie diet and regular exercise along with reduced food intake to create the right environment for getting the better results for the  fabulous weight loss results that are associated with the use of Phentermine. This belongs to the anorectic stimulants and this is available as extended release capsules as well as tablets that must be taken for shorter durations extending up to three to six weeks.

Caffeine that is usually found in many of the energy drinks, tea and coffee and is a good stimulant that acts on your central nervous system. As Phentermine also acts on your central nervous system to reduce your food cravings and for increasing the fat burning capacity of your body there is every chance that caffeine interferes with the action of the Phentermine leading to some unwanted side effects.

Phentermine is known to cause some side effects when taken for weight loss and they commonly include

  • Insomnia
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Heart palpitations
  • Restlessness etc

And when you take Phentermine with Caffeine these side effects that usually disappear after some time are seen persisting and become more pronounced.  Though it is unclear how the combining of Phentermine with caffeine increase the chance of developing side effects it is possible that overstimulation occurs in the cardio vascular system and the brain when these two are taken together.

So, it is always advisable that you have to control the intake of caffeine rich substance while taking Phentermine to prevent the unwanted side effects. This will help you reach your targeted weight loss goals in a more pleasant and enjoyable way.

Known Side Effects Of Phentermine And How To Save Yourself From Them

Phentermine is one of the best ways to lose weight and as such it has become very popular among those who want to shed their extra fat from their bodies. This FDA approved prescription drug is considered as a very safe way of losing weight by acting as an appetite suppressor and reduces the amount of food you take in. By acting on your nervous system and the system that takes care of fat burning mechanism of your body you get appreciable weight loss results within a short time. This is also good for preventing the hazards of being overweight.

PhentermineBut being a chemical based medication Phentermine is always associated with some side effects that range from light to serious in nature. Hence it is put under prescription drugs that have to be taken under the supervision of a medical practitioner.  The mild side effects of Phentermine are as follows and these are very common in occurrence that most of the times do not need any treatment:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Fluctuating  energy levels
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Dry mouth and frequent thirst
  • Headaches
  • Nervousness

These side effects are mild in nature may disappear by themselves after a few days of taking Phentermine.  The medium side effects of Phentermine may include

  • Hypertension
  • Gastrointestinal Upset
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness

When these are present consult your Healthcare professional and continue the drug after getting his evaluation and approval.

The following are classified as serious side effects of Phentermine and they include:

  • Severe Mood Swings
  • Temper Outbursts
  • Pressured Speech
  • Confusion
  • Racing Thoughts
  • Impulsive Behaviors
  • Depression
  • Chest Tightness
  • Panic Attacks
  • Violent Behaviors
  • Exacerbation Of Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Etc
  • Loss Of Consciousness  etc

When you have these contraindications you must discontinue the use of Phentermine and consult your Doctor immediately without delay. These side effects are an apparent sign that your body is not accepting Phentermine and you may have to further take this medication as continued use of this may be detrimental to your overall health and well being.

Phentermine has some of the active ingredients that act on the autonomous nervous system of the body and stimulates the satiety center of the brain while giving the effects of a good appetite suppressor. Due to this fact Phentermine side effects mostly associated with mental and mood changes and is found to affect the mental health of the person taking it. At times the doctors may prescribe psychological screenings even before prescribing this. But in most of the cases effective counter treatment and discontinuation of Phentermine is found to be adequate to do away with the side effects of Phentermine.

Phentermine has to be avoided by persons with mental health related problems and it must not be taken by those who have general anxiety, panic disorder and bipolar disorders.  Likewise those who have history of psychosis or drug addiction must also avoid taking Phentermine as a way of reducing their weight

The Side Effects Of Phentermine 37.5

Side Effects Of Phentermine 37 5mgLike every other medicine, Phentermine comes with side effects as well. It depends on the condition of every individual of how the tablet reacts. You can have mild, moderate and even severe side effects and it depends on how much your body can take. If you are unable to face these circumstances, you should discontinue the medicine or consult your doctor to see if this medicine is suiting you or not. Take instructions from your doctor at every step of this task.

When you initially start taking the Phentermine 37.5 your body is most likely to react by having a blurred version, dry mouth, drowsiness or constipation. This is just a way for your body to adjust to the change. Other effects include your nervous system getting affected or even your libido changing. If you take alcohol, you should consider cutting it down because this adds to your dizziness.

Phentermine 37.5 gives other mild side effects such as a high rate of heartbeat, chest pain, feeling of suffocation and difficulty in breathing as well as problems when urinating. These side effects mean that your body is taking a lot of courage to adjust to this prescribed drug. Phentermine 37.5 has other side effects as well that can effect the body severely. These include the cardiac valvular disease and if you experience this at any stage of your medication then you should discontinue immediately and consult a doctor as soon as possible. This medicine is not made for everyone and you should accept that instead of making your body suffer and facing the worst circumstances.

If you are planning to use this medication just for the sake of looking good and improving your looks, then this medicine is not for you especially a dose as high as Phentermine 37.5. Those who have serious conditions that deal with obesity should seek for the aid of this medicine.

Obesity can be a life long threat and the sooner you tackle this problem the better it is. You should discuss your role in this process with your doctor in detail and set a weight limit for your outcome. With the Phentermine 37.5, this will be a little easier to obtain. This way, you are setting yourself free from the life long diseases that are linked to obesity. If you use this capsule effectively, you can achieve almost 10% weight loss but this tablet alone will be of no use if you do not include a healthy diet and daily exercising to your schedule.

A healthy lifestyle during the intake of this medicine means that your body will get accustomed to this massive change and even when you continue this lifestyle without the medicine; it will keep losing weight efficiently. So, if you are obese, you must know that you are a target of series life-taking illness. Tackle this problem starting today and gain the maximum out of it. Phentermine is just the medical aid that you need along with passion and determination of shedding weight. If you have this combination, it is a guarantee that you will be successful in obtaining your weight loss goals.